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Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry & Bright

This tutorial was written by me
Any tutorial similar is highly coincidental
This tutorial was written for those who have basic knowledge of psp
 This tutorial was written in pspx2 but can work in other versions
Tutorial written December 12th, 2011

Supplies Needed
Tube with closeup
Scrap kit - Merry and Bright by Pimp'd Designs - you can buy HERE

Scrap Kit Supplies

Lets Get started
Open a new 500 x 500 transparent image - open pd-frame-03 to 362 x 500 and paste on the new image - paste pd-pp-12 on your tag and move below the frame - past the close up tube on your tag and move below the frame but above the paper / arrange the face inside the frame - with your magic wand and the frame layer selected click the center of the frame / go back to the paper layer - selections / modify /expand by 3 / selections / invert and hit delete on the paper and tube layers

Paste the tube on your tag and move to the right side of your tag - (step is not needed if the tube legs that will be present) - duplicate the tube and move one below the frame layer - close off view of top tube and with your eraser tool and bottom tube layer selected erase the excess tube showing under the frame at the bottom of the frame - select and open view of the top tube and erase(how ever much you want) the parts of the tube on the frame - add a drop shadow to the top tube and erase the shadow that goes over the legs and other parts of the tube

Resize pd-tree-01 to 250 x 300 and paste on your tag - move to the left of your tag - resize pd-gift-01 to 150 x 128 and paste on your tag - move over the tree trunk under the tree - resize pd0-wa-01 to 450 x 105 and paste on your tag - move to the bottom of your tag - open pd-print-01 / image / free rotate by 90 degrees to the right - resize to 312 x 490 and paste on your tag - add a drop shadow to each of those elements

Add your name and copyright / and your done
thanks for trying my tut




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