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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bone Yard

This tutorial was written by me
Any tutorial similar is highly coincidental
This tutorial was written for those who have a basic knowledge of psp
This tuttorial was written psp x2

Supplies Needed
Tube of choice
Scrap kit - tk-heartskullz by Tammy Kat which you can buy HERE

Scrap Kit Supplies

Lets Get Started
Open a new 500 x 250 transparent image
Copy and paste tk-boneyard-dotpaper2 on your tag
Copy and paste your tube on to your tag and arrange it so you have what you want showing but also leave it in the middle
Add the drop shadow on the tube that you want
Resize tk-boneyard-headstone1 to 164 x 200 and paste it on your tube... arrange on the bottom left side with a little twist to it
Resize tk-boneyard-skull2 to 128 x 150 and arrange on your tag to the top left above the R.I.P on the headstone
Open tki-boneyard-webcorner image - mirror copy and paste on tag and arrange under your tube on the right side
Open tki-boneyard-webcorner back up crop out the spider and erase the extra string attached to the spider

We will get back to the spider in a second to animate it Add new raster - selections - select all - modify - select selection borders make sure INSIDE is checked and the border is at 2
Redo that same step but put the border to 3 and flood fill with white
Add your name and place it in the top right corner... then add the correct copyright
Copy merged on your tag and open up animation shop and paste as new animation
Go back to your spider and copy and paste it as a new animation in animation shop
Effects - insert image transition and use my settings below

But dont press ok
click on customize and use my settings below

then click ok on both and select all of the frames on the spider duplicate and reverse the duplicated frames
Duplicate your tag frame to how ever many frames is for your spider
Select the first frame in the spider and Hold and press control A
redo that step for your tag
go to both of the first frames on both the spider and tag but dont click
Drag the spider and place it at the bottom so its at the edge of the spider
Remeber you cant move it after you place it unless you undo on both
Save it as a gif and your done


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